Guidelines for authors to prepare the abstracts of the papers

Guidelines for authors to prepare the abstracts of the papers

Abstracts are a brief author's summary of a larger volume of work of a scientific nature. They should be understandable without reference to the paper itself.

Abstracts are submitted in English.

The structure of abstracts should repeat the structure of the paper and include the introduction (relevance), goals and objectives, methods, results, and conclusions.

The information contained in the title of the paper should not be repeated in the text of the abstract.

The results of the work are described extremely accurately and informatively. Conclusions can be accompanied by the recommendations, assessments and suggestions described in the paper.

It is necessary to avoid unnecessary introductory phrases and complex grammatical constructions (for example, "the author of the article considers ...").

The text should be coherent, disjointed statements should logically follow one another.

Abbreviations and symbols, except for commonly used ones, are used in exceptional cases.

In the abstract, no reference is made to the publication number in the list of references to the paper.

The volume of the text should not be less than 200-250 words.